Concert etiquette

The current Choir Stewards are Kate Cockle and Anna Page.

• Arrive promptly at the appointed time – usually 2 pm
• Await instructions to be seated by the Choir Steward
• When finding a seat, do not move the voice labels that have been placed on the seats, as the numbers and positions of seats have been carefully planned
• While it is appreciated that many people like to sit next to friends, it should be remembered that the principal aim is that everyone has an unimpeded view of the Conductor. Therefore, after initial seats have been taken, it may be necessary to move some people around. Please comply with such requests from Choir Steward
• The Choir Steward has the final say on the seating arrangements
• Once the seating plan has been finalised, memorise your place and your two neighbours, so you know where to stand in the line-up before the concert
• The Choir Steward will indicate the mid-line, where the choir will divide for filing on and off
• The Choir Steward will nominate two people in the front row to lead the sits and stands
• Please note that when an orchestra is rehearsing with us, tea and coffee are provided for the orchestra during their interval in the rehearsal. This tea and coffee is not for choir members.

Concert Dress
• Men: Black long-sleeved open-neck shirt, black trousers and smart black shoes
• Women: Long-sleeved black top and full-length black skirt or black dressy trousers and smart black shoes. No sparkly jewellery that might reflect and dazzle with the lights. No hair spray or perfume.
• At Christmas, at certain other concerts and when carol singing, men will wear a red tie and women a red rose (on the left). These items are available for purchase from KCS.
• It is requested that spectacles not be placed on the top of the head, as these can reflect and dazzle with the lights.
• Coats and choir bags should be left in the Lady Chapel. It is not advisable to leave hand-bags with valuables there. These can be taken on stage and stored under the chairs.
• All members should have a KCS red folder for their music in the concert. These can be purchased or hired.

• Choir members should be lined-up ready to file on stage at 7.20 pm
• Filing on starts from the back row. Each row should file on from the two sides simultaneously. Remain standing until all choir members are in place. Choir members should sit down at the same time as the two nominated leaders
• While seated, conversations between choir members should be discreet and limited to your immediate neighbours. Please do not lean over or twist round to talk to people further afield. Choir members should appear composed and should not try to engage with or wave at members of the audience
• When the Mayor enters, the choir should stand, following the nominated leaders, while he/she takes a seat in the audience
• When the Conductor enters, the choir should stand following the nominated leaders
• At the start of the interval, the choir should stand, following the nominated leaders, and should file off in an orderly manner, in reverse order, starting from the front row
• At the end of the interval, choir members should line up and file on as before
• At the end of the concert, it is important to note that while the choir is standing it is receiving applause. The choir should therefore ONLY join in the applause for the orchestra/soloists when seated. Sits/stands will be indicated by the Conductor
• After the applause has finished, the choir should stand, following the nominated leaders, and should file off in an orderly manner, in reverse order, starting from the front row
• Please stay behind after the concert to assist with moving chairs, dismantling the stage and putting the Church back together. Many hands make light work!

The notes above are to assist us all in putting on a polished performance.
Please remember that the choir is on show – and the performance starts the moment we file on stage, and only ends once we have filed off.
The last instruction is to ENJOY yourselves and SMILE ☺