Members’ Code of Conduct

Purpose of the Members’ Code of Conduct:
• To support the Objects as laid out in the KCS Constitution*
• To achieve the highest possible standards of making music, both in rehearsals and in performance
• To allow Members to enjoy making music and to be part of an amateur choir that is recognised as one of Surrey’s leading choirs
• To enable Members to broaden their musical knowledge and strive for the highest standards
• To develop and sustain a community of interest, showing respect and courtesy for Members and everybody involved with the Choir’s activities

• Be polite, considerate and respectful
• Be punctual for rehearsals
• During rehearsal comply with the Musical Director’s instructions and in particular, do not talk or disrupt the rehearsal in any other way
• Be prompt in paying subscriptions by 15th October
• Be cooperative and contribute to the smooth running of events, e.g. by assisting with rehearsal refreshments or volunteering for tasks on concert days
• Observe proper dress and etiquette for concerts

If a Member demonstrates persistent difficulty in observing the Code, their Voice Rep will, in the first instance, discuss with the Member why their behaviour is considered inappropriate, and what improvements need to be made. If the problem continues, the Voice Rep will raise the matter with the KCS Officers. KCS Officers will decide what the next appropriate step is, and this may include asking the Member to leave the Choir.

Gerry Dawson
KCS Chairman
September 2019

*The KCS Constitution can be found on the KCS website in the “About Us” section